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Storage Computer: Fighting Talk: Page 2 of 3

Storage Computer charges $170,000 for a fully configured CyberBorg, whereas EMC will charge over $2 million for its fully configured system, which includes Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) servers,

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO)
routers, and Nortel switches, according to Goodlander. “EMC has five boxes it has to put together to do this and we do it in one,” he says.

It’s fighting talk, but Goodlander gets positively passionate when discussing what appears to be a big preoccupation -- suing companies for infringing Storage Computer's patents.

"We hold several key patents on RAID technology and some of the first visualization patents,” says Goodlander. The company has been shipping virtualized storage since 1992, way before the buzz that’s being generated around these products today. Goodlander now seems determined to reap retribution on companies that haven't recognized this.

Storage Computer is starting with the big guys. It's targeting Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT; Paris: PHA) for allegedly infringing two patents issued in the U.K. One of them is called "Fault-tolerant, Error-correcting Storage System and Method for Storing Digital Information in Such a Storage System" and the other is called "High-Speed, High-Capacity, Error-Correcting Storage System for Binary Computers."

Storage Computer also alleges that certain Seagate Technology Inc. and Xiotech (now owned by Seagate) products infringe its U.S. patent entitled: "Apparatus and Method for Storing Data and Selectable Data Protection Using Mirroring and Selectable Parity Inhibition." Storage Computer holds patents for "SCSI disk arrays, parity-protected disk arrays and unique asynchronous storage architecture marketed as 'RAID 7’," according to company press releases.