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Storage Computer Draws First Blood

Storage Computer Corp. (AMEX: SOS) has won the first skirmish of the first battle in what could become an outright patents war on the storage networking industry.

The company is planning to file as many as 60 suits against companies that it alleges have infringed its virtualization intellectual property rights (see Storage Computer: Fighting Talk). And it appears to have won the upper hand in its first case -- against storage giant Hitachi Data Systems.

In its initial complaint, to a U.K. court, Storage Computer alleges that certain Hitachi storage products infringe its intellectual property relating to two European patents. One of the patents is called Fault-tolerant, Error-Correcting Storage System and Method for Storing Digital Information in Such a Storage System” and the other is "High-Speed, High-Capacity, Error-Correcting Storage System for Binary Computer.”

Hitachi attempted to have the claim against the first patent, which covers fault tolerance and error correction methods, dismissed, a process known in the U.K. as a “strikeout application."

The Patent Court denied the motion.

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