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Stop Violence Against Spammers

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to send in their ideas for our Top 11 Punishments We'd like to see for Spammers. After reading some of the responses, we came to the immediate conclusion that many of you have been deeply and personally hurt by Spam. How else could we justify some of the more unusual responses? Colonoscopies? Schock treatments? 24 hour reruns of the Osbournes show? My God people -- what did these spammers do to you?

I think it's time for a group hug, don't you? Meanwhile, let's take a look at the unique suggestions offered on how to punish Spammers.

Darrell Pitzer

• Give their home and business phone numbers to the telemarketers.

• Add their name to the terror alert list so they get "special" treatment
the next time they fly.
• Required monthly colonoscopy
• Add their name and home address to the mailing list of every known
catalog company.
• Make them invest all of their profits in the bogus companies they send
stock tips on

Corky Camin

• Make 'em write on the school blackboard "Thou shall not spam" 100
times for each spam email they send out.

David Kubista

• Place the spammers parole forms and messages in the sea of spam. Good luck in finding them.

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