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An attacker walks up to the door of a corporate headquarters building, waits nonchalantly for someone to come by with a passcard, and then walks right in. Security doesn't see him -- there's no video camera at that door.

This situation is not uncommon at many large enterprises where video's high-bandwidth demands have caused many network managers to put the kibosh on companywide surveillance systems.

Now, a startup company, SteelBox Networks Inc., is hoping to change all that. SteelBox, which has been living on angel funding and founder financing for the last few years, today received a $10 million cash infusion from Sierra Ventures, a well-known venture capital firm.

"Up to now, we've been selling mostly through partners and focusing on some big applications in the transportation industry," says Richard "Chip" Howes, founder and CEO of SteelBox. "But by the end of the year, enterprises will hear a lot from us, and it could make a difference in the way they look at video surveillance."

SteelBox has developed a video surveillance device -- essentially an IP network switch -- that is capable of prioritizing and storing large amounts of video data without sucking up enterprise network and storage resources.

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