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State of Oregon

After years of dealing with flooded inboxes and day-long searches for requested emails, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services says it has finally gotten email under control using Storage Technology Corp. (StorageTek)s (NYSE: STK) Email Content Manager.

The move points to the growing storage problems created by email -- and the potential for storage vendors to sell a fix.

"For several years before we got to this point, people were just burning email files to CD,” says Edie Tipsword, a Department project coordinator. “We frequently get requests for discovery of information... It was a management nightmare.”

The Archived System Manager (ASM)/Email Content Manager (ECM) is part of the Email Xcelerator product suite StorageTek launched in February 2002 (see StorageTek Xcelerates Email Suite). The software aims to automate and simplify the storage and retrieval of exploding amounts of ever larger and ever more precious emails, StorageTek says.

That was something the Oregon Department of Administrative Services needed. Before purchasing 1,000 licenses for StorageTek’s ASM/ECM software version 4.30.133 in February this year, the Department had no real way of managing its soaring amount of email. That was a huge problem, says Tipsword, pointing out that as state information, the emails fall under a number of different regulations. This means that the emails are not only required to be stored safely for at least six years, but that IT administrators have to be able to locate and hand over specific messages.

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