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Startup Releases 3-Tbyte Removable Drive

A small spinoff of a Nevada VAR, whose alternate URL is, is offering a storage DAS appliance for backup it claims will support up to 3 Tbytes of raw disk space in a single removable cartridge.

Highly Reliable Systems (High-Rely), a supplier that spun out of Reno, Nev.-based Sierra Computers in 2003, just made generally available a system called RAIDframe, a housing for a hot-slottable 9-pound removable cartridge called a RAIDPac. Each RAIDPac contains three 1-Tbyte SATA hard drives from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, one cooling system, and an integral RAID controller.

"Our customers usually order two or three RAIDPacs per RAIDframe," says High-Rely's CEO, Darren McBride. Cartridges are filled up, then moved off site physically (an optional carrying case is available).

Figure 1:

High-Rely's single-bay RAIDframe with removeable RAIDPac

McBride says customers typically have 10 to 100 users on a network that supports lots of data on a small budget. "Most of our companies can't afford EMC or NetApp solutions. They may be graphics shops with half a terabyte of video or drawing files, who need lots of storage at a small price point."

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