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Standard Response

3:45 PM -- Spring's in the air. Inhale deeply and fill your lungs with the smell of budding life.

Just this morning, a new standard started to blossom. An interoperability standard. (See Tech Leaders Create Fed Spec.)

That, of course, immediately prompted questions like: Where did I leave those pruning shears?

Yes, BMC, Fujitsu, HP, and IBM are dancing around this new maypole to improve information sharing between databases. A standardized configuration management database (CMDB) will translate into "greater choice and flexibility in terms of adding new hardware, applications, and middleware," the vendors said in their statement today.

Tricky stuff, this interoperability business. And I might rush right out and embrace this latest effort, if the IT landscape weren't already pockmarked by so many similar intentions that have either gone awry or unrealized. In fact, I've begun to think of interoperability in the same way I do the all-you-can-eat concept -- sounds so tempting and great, at least until you dive in.

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