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SST NANDrive Gets Certified

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.) (NASDAQ:SSTI), a leader in flash memory technology, today announced that its NANDrive storage solution is one of the first ATA solid- state storage devices to receive Windows ReadyBoost certification from Microsoft Corporation. When enabled as a Windows ReadyBoost device, the NANDrive achieves much faster application load time and system responsiveness, especially in low-memory conditions and after a resume from hibernate, in notebook and desktop PCs. SST NANDrive leverages the company's innovative controller technology to manage all NAND flash complexities, resulting in an easy-to-integrate mass data storage solution that uses a fraction of the power that a hard disk drive requires while still maintaining high performance when enabled as a solid-state drive.

Windows ReadyBoost is a new feature in Windows Vista that enables PCs to enjoy greater system responsiveness. With the Windows ReadyBoost feature, frequently used application data is copied into nonvolatile memory, such as NANDrive, resulting in much faster application load time and system responsiveness. During ReadyBoost certification testing, NANDrive achieved high performance results of 50 percent above certification requirements, demonstrating its suitability for compute-intensive applications such as laptop PCs and mobile multimedia devices. In addition, the NANDrive family, with the industry's first 8-bit hardware ECC engine and SST proprietary programmable firmware with multi-tasking NAND interface, helps solve the slow performance problem that is typical when using lower cost multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash.

"Microsoft is pleased that SST is participating in WinHEC this year," said Dave Wascha, director of Windows Client Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "It is technology advancements like SST's that help pave the way for innovation on the Windows platform and in the industry."

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