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Sorry I didn't get that

Sorry I didn't get that end of day post up, but things were a bit crazy in here. The alarm system is installed, programmed, and working. Kudos to the dudes from Martin Security, even though they made me miss my lunch. :-0
The HVAC guys from J&D Heating should be back today to begin duct work activities. They installed the new 2 ton air conditioner in the ceiling and have been running about 60 feet of copper pipe to the outside cooling coils. They had to drill a hole in the bottom of our 50 year old building. The wall is about a foot and a half thick. Took them an hour to do it. Heck of a Milwaukee drill, that's for sure.
Our suite is located in the basement, so this air conditioning trick is not as easy as it sounds. It will all be worth it though. The building cooling has never been able to REALLY deal with the heat from the equipment in the Lab, despite being boosted twice.
I expect our UPS and racking to arrive from APC either Friday or Monday. Then, with a little work by Thomas Electric, we will be able to begin in earnest. More when it happens. Ta Ta.