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Sonasoft Adds New Version

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Sonasoft Corp. announces the availability of its new version of SonaSafe Suite for Exchange, Server. This release contains many advance high availability and disaster recovery features including seamless failover and failback functionality for Microsoft Exchange server.

Sonasoft offers a unique solution which provides an integrated data protection, high availability and disaster recovery solution for Exchange servers. In Sonasofts SonaSafe solution, the backup is integrated with replication and the users get a two-in-one solution. Typically, customers have to go to two different vendors to implement two disparate solutions to achieve the same result. Also, it will cost three to four times more to implement these solutions compared to what is offered by Sonasoft.

When a disaster strikes the primary site, then all Exchange users will be failed over to a failover server at a remote site. Once the primary server is rebuilt, then one has to go through the failback process. With SonaSafe for Exchange server, the whole process is very easy to implement and can be done within a short period of time.

The only way to make sure that the disaster recovery solution works is to test it periodically. Unfortunately, to do that one has to failover the entire Exchange server. Exchange Administrators will be leery about doing this for fear crashing the production Exchange server. With SonaSafe for Exchange server, one can create a test mailbox and use it for failover/failback testing periodically. Through this approach, customers can be fully assured that their disaster recovery solution will work when it is badly needed and have the peace of mind.

“After applying a security update on our Exchange Server, it crashed. I was really impressed with SonaSafe for Exchange Server, it made the recovery really quick and unbelievable. We were up and running in less than 30 Minutes. The support was superb during our time of crisis. I would definitely recommend Sonasoft to any other company or agency”, said Tuan Pham, IT Manager, Charles River ARC.

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