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Some WebFads Never Fade Away

Its hard to believe that it was about seven years ago when we were all emailing one another with a link to a wierd little website filled with a myriad of animated, dancing Hamsters. And of course there was that little tune that will haunt us for the rest of our lives -- "Dee da dee da dee da doo doo doo." You know what I'm talking about -- the infamous Hampsterdance (yes, spelled, or misspelled that way).

And while we're down this memory lane, who can forget the horror of the Dancing Baby -- so popular at one time it "Ugha Chacka'd" its way onto the set of Ally "For the Love of God, eat something will you?" McBeal

The fine folks at CNet haven't. As a matter of fact, you'll find the hamsters, the baby and eight other internet phenomena have taken up residence over there -- thanks to CNet's compilation of the top 10 Web Fads.

Enjoy. And Remember -- All your Base...well, you know.