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Some iProduct iDeas

I'm still obsessing on the iPhone. I promise I'll get back to the BlackBerry thing shortly, but Apple's newest creation has got me thinking about the company's overall business model. iPods, iPhones, iBooks, iTVs, what else might the company have up its iSleeve? Since I'm sure I now have Steve Jobs' undivided attention, here are a few suggestions.
iShade: A project done in coordination with Gucci or perhaps Prada, sunglasses are fitted with a Bluetooth transceiver. Oakley already sells a pair, but you're Apple and you can do better. For bonus points, integrate lineless bifocals for the over-forty crowd, it's so uncool holding your iPhone at arm's distance just to read the display.

iSing: This is a companion service to iTunes that lets you use your iPhone as a karaoke machine. Imagine the fun you'll have entertaining fellow commuters on the subway.

iCan'tSing: Clearly not all of us should be belting it out on the subway. The project is a joint development with Bose, and uses its noise cancellation technology to muffle the sound of your voice. Go ahead! Do your best Janet Jackson at the top of your lungs; no one will hear you.

iShirt: It's for the athlete who can't miss a call. Type A business people and speed-walking soccer dads alike will appreciate this spandex shirt with a front storage pocket for the iPhone. Apple will need to update its multitouch entry system to sense certain abdominal contractions. Skilled users will not only be able to answer calls with their stomach, they'll also be able to dial out and change song selections. Since using the system will require some extreme physical contortions, the shirt will say on the back: "Don't call 911, it's just my iPhone."

iGeek: It's a fold up keyboard for those who insist on turning their phone into a fully functional workstation. To make this palatable for the Apple elite, develop it in conjunction with Jack Spade, so that iPhone and iGeek neatly fit into a hip and trendy messenger bag (no, it's NOT a purse).

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