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SolidSpace Expands

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- SolidSpace, LLC, a provider of IT hosting and network solutions, today announced another powerful addition to their new managed services offering-Remote Managed Services. Businesses with in-house IT equipment can benefit from data center level managed services for a fraction of the cost of onsite support.

SolidSpace's mission is to offer dependable, scalable IT solutions that help small to mid-sized business meet growing client and infrastructure needs. By remotely accessing a business' email server, firewall or other internet connected device, SolidSpace' s Remote Managed Services brings patch maintenance, reliability testing and a professional IT partner directly to the busy system administrator or business owner. Maintaining multiple operating systems is a mundane, time consuming task but is absolutely vital to network health and mission critical application stability.

"By bundling availability testing, operating system maintenance and technical support, our Remote Managed Services becomes a flexible, affordable and indispensable tool for any size business," states Jim Capps, CEO of SolidSpace, LLC. "This allows SolidSpace to become an all-encompassing IT partner to our clients not located within our data center, acting as their sole system administrator or as an extension of their existing IT department ."

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