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SOAPing Up Web Services

The How

Deploying Web Services can be tricky. Contrary to the hype from your favorite vendor, this is a new, somewhat bumpy way of doing things. The general steps are: write a Web service in your favorite development environment; generate the Web services wrapper from the source code (Microsoft .Net will do this step for you if you let it); generate a server deployment package and the server's WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) definition from the Web services wrapper; generate a client "stub" package from the server's WSDL file; and deploy and test your Web service.

Of course, to test it you'll have to write a client, so the next step is to write a client using the client "stub" file to generate the interface class. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Luckily most of the process is automated when you use Apache/Tomcat and Microsoft IIS/.Net.

Step By Step: How a Web Service is Called
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