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So if you use the right port ...

I have forever had problems getting a TCP/IP connection to DB2 to work correctly. It just never works so I've been using named pipes for remote connectivity.
Today I was configuring remote access to DB2 for some product testing and happened to notice that there was an extra 0 in the TCP/IP port.
Instead of 5000, it was running on 50,000. Gee, when you use the right port, things work better.

If you've seen visited our Axis Network Camera lately you may notice that we've cleaned up a bit. We had visitors to NWC Inc. to show off what we've been doing and, of course, had to make things look nice for our auspicious guests.

Steven's finally finished with his last big review and we've had our lab rat shipping out products for a week. Now that Steve has some time, he's been working on our NAS and getting our automated backup systems in place.
The scary part - testing those backups - is still to come....