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So, Anti-SPAM Is The Law, But Do You Really Think It Will Stop?

I've been roaming the Internet since the really early 90's. Yes, that makes me old, at least in Internet terms.

I've seen SPAM, and I've seen SPAM increase logarithmically in recent years. I wrote an article in 1997 for Network World titled "Defending spam, plus survival tips for a spam-filled world". In this article I said "Spam is not inherently a bad thing". In 2003, I think I can say "Spam is not inherently a bad thing, if the spam is legitimate. But. It's usually not, hence SPAM is a bad thing!"

But, regardless of my repenting my ways, this new federal law is absurd. Let's look at part of the proof of damages that make the sending of SPAM a felony:

(B) the offense is an offense under subsection (a)(4) and involved 20 or more falsified electronic mail or online user account registrations, or 10 or more falsified domain name registrations;

(C) the volume of electronic mail messages transmitted in furtherance of the offense exceeded 2,500 during any 24-hour period, 25,000 during any 30-day period, or 250,000 during any 1-year period;

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