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The SNIA Subtext

1:15 PM -- SAN DIEGO -- Storage Networking World -- Results of the 2006 Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) End User Council survey are in, and storage vendors should be ashamed of the results. (See Users Blast Vendors in SNIA Survey.)

The survey of 387 users, many from large financial outfits, the bellwether of user satisfaction for many industry suppliers, shows that customers are using more vendors and liking them less. Just four percent of respondents from large companies trust their vendors enough to take their word on a fix. And a shocking 47 percent of those polled said vendor-recommended upgrades either didn't solve a problem or made it worse.

It seems storage suppliers are doing their customers as much harm as good.

The role of the SNIA in all this is clear: Users want and need a source of third-party verification and testing. There's also a call for interoperability standards, particularly in management software.

But the SNIA didn't ask users how well the organization is actually helping in these areas.

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