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Silver Peak Plans Scale-Up

WAN optimization startup Silver Peak is planning to bulk up its hardware with a high-speed, high-end enterprise device, according to CEO Rick Tinsley.

Speaking after a Silver Peak sales seminar in New York today, Tinsley explained that users are desperate to speed up traffic traveling over their WAN links. "Our vision is that in five years time, there won't be anymore T-1 links; it will all be broadband links of one sort of another," he said.

The as-yet-unnamed device, which will be part of Silver Peak's NX-family of WAN optimization products, will offer Gigabit-per-second throughput, according to the CEO. "That's full duplex with all the features turned on -- its vastly higher performance than what is available on the market today," he said.

Silver Peak's current high-end offering, the NX-8500, offers 500-Mbit/s application throughput, supporting the likes of TCP optimization, quality of service, compression, and data reduction.

Rival Riverbed's top-of-the-line 6020 has a throughput of 310-Mbit/s, and Juniper's maximum throughput for its WXC devices is 155-Mbit/s, although both Silver Peak and Riverbed claim a figure of 800-Mbit/s for their offerings running with some of the features turned off.

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