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SiliconSys Manages Solid State

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- SiliconSystems, Inc., a world leader in advanced storage technology, today announced the availability of its software development kit (SDK) for SiSMART, the company's breakthrough technology that monitors solid-state storage system usage in real-time to accurately forecast useable life. The SDK is a plug-in module that easily integrates with Windows and Linux operating systems to provide real-time storage lifespan data in field applications eliminating the need to shutdown the host system to collect the data. With the SDK, SiSMART's functionality can be implemented without interruptions in performance or service, reducing the need for scheduled maintenance.

Integrated into all SiliconSystems SiliconDrive products, patent-pending SiSMART is the industry's only early warning and self-monitoring system that reports the exact amount of remaining storage life enabling Enterprise System OEMs to virtually eliminate unscheduled downtime.

The new SDK offers an Application Programming Interface (API) facilitating access to SiSMART that reduces the development time required to modify a system's IDE driver. Using the SiliconSystems API, designers can easily extract lifespan data as well as other critical usage information such as the number of remaining spares or bad blocks. Implementing SiSMART's features enables Enterprise System OEMs to build intelligence into host systems, allowing users to set maintenance and data collection thresholds to ensure greater reliability and ultimately reduce their total cost of storage ownership.

"SiliconSystems created SiSMART to enhance the reliability of solid-state storage and provide users with the necessary, though previously impossible capability of accurately predicting usable life," said Gary Drossel, vice president of product planning at SiliconSystems. "SiliconSystems has developed the SiSMART SDK based on the belief that SiSMART technology offers the Enterprise System OEM market such a critical advantage that it needs to be a readily-accessible and easy-to-integrate staple for SiliconDrive users."

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