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SGI Touts Petascale Storage

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Silicon Graphics, Inc. today unveiled SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 15000, a new storage platform that pushes beyond existing limitations in access speeds, capacity, footprint and energy efficiency.

Breakthrough innovations from SGI have allowed customers to eliminate bottlenecks even in the most demanding compute and streaming media environments where data sets can swell to Petabytes, and the SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 continues this tradition.

With the SGI InfiniteStorage 15000, IT managers, already under pressure to control costs, can:

  • Achieve cost-effective consolidation and powerful data sharing
  • Give users and applications universal access to a single, scalable pool
    of storage
  • Accommodate the capacity and speed demands of high-performance
    computing (HPC), energy, digital content, streaming media, satellite
    communications/surveillance, and other fields where large data assets
    are common

"Our history in rich media and HPC has helped us drive storage innovations," said Kurt Kuckein, InfiniteStorage product line manager, SGI. "The SGI InfiniteStorage 15000 another step further in satisfying the most capacity and performance hungry applications, and gives IT managers plenty of choices to match their storage environment to their business requirements."