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SecurStar Upgrades DriveCrypt

MUNICH -- SecurStar GmbH, producer of computer security solutions, published the latest version of its hard disk encryption software DriveCrypt. With 1344 bit real-time strong encryption, the solution prevents any access from unauthorized users. Version 5.0 boasts numerous new features and optimizations for data security and user friendliness that allow even users with no special knowledge to ensure maximum security of their data.

DriveCrypt is a secure and comfortable tool for PC and notebook users to protect their data against theft and misuse. Full hard disk or optionally partition-wide encryption takes place entirely transparently: the encryption and decryption process runs automatically in the background as the user opens and closes files. Encryption takes place on-the-fly, in real-time, so that at no time will there ever be any unencrypted data in the computers system memory.

SecurStar GmbH