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Security Upgrades Proliferate

Security is a top priority for IT pros these days, so it's no surprise to find vendors upgrading to meet demand for better wares.

Reconnex, which competes with Proofpoint and PortAuthority in the internal threat protection space, today released version 6.0 of its appliances, adding tracking of thumb drives, PDAs, and laptops.

The Endpoint Agent, as the new appliances are called, detect suspicious activity in any I/O on the network, including email messages, wireless IM, file transfers, and the like. If it identifies anything suspicious (per predefined rules), data center managers are pinged, and end users are notified of a violation.

Reconnex says it's aiming to compete with other threat-control vendors by supporting a wider variety of network activity, though its rivals have also been active in augmenting their wares. Pricing for the Reconnex appliance, set for shipment in April, starts at $25,000.

Finnish startup Codenomicon also stepped up its storage security efforts today. (See Codenomicon Intros Defensics.) The vendor, which has a U.S. headquarters in San Jose, Calif., beefed up its Defensics solution with support for storage protocols such as CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI.

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