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Seanodes Unveils SIS

PARIS -- Emerging from stealth mode, Seanodes reveals its ground-breaking way to share data. SIS. Shared Internal Storage (SIS) is a genuine revolution in the shared storage eco-system. It allows users to share application servers internal disks in an efficient, convenient and affordable way. The obvious outcome of this is a drastic reduction in traditional storage investments (SAN, NAS).

Seanodes unveils SIS - Shared Internal Storage – an indisputable data sharing revolution. Shared Internal Storage allows users to share disks and arrays directly attached to, or embedded in servers as if they were part of an external array. Perfectly adapted to commoditized architectures such as clusters or blade servers because of their potential internal disk capacity, SIS can be implemented alone or as a complement to traditional external storage (SAN or NAS) in order to alleviate their restrictions (performance, capacity, network bandwidth).

An ideal solution for High Performance Computing applications (HPC) and Hosted Services infrastructures - considering their extensive use of commoditized servers and their growing need for vast storage capacity - SIS is also the only solution that can equally satisfy their need for high performance storage (bandwidth and I/O).

SIS is equally valuable in development & test environments where there is a huge need for simple, low level shared storage but where key decision makers are typically reluctant to invest in expensive, traditional, over-featured, shared storage solutions.