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Seanodes Adds VMware Edition

BOSTON -- Seanodes, the creator and leading developer of Shared Internal Storage solutions, today unveiled a new Virtual Machine Edition of its award-winning Exanodes software for VMware environments. Exanodes VM Edition 1.0 for VMware is ideal for small to midsized businesses that are transitioning to network storage, and hosted storage services such as cloud computing that need to maximize capacity, reliability and performance at a lower cost than traditional network storage.

Installation, configuration and deployment of Exanodes VM Edition requires no target management, no additional hardware, no need for external SAN storage or fabrics and no specific storage competencies. It provides high performance through improved parallelism and full utilization of hardware at the user’s disposal. Exanodes VM Edition also delivers catastrophic fault tolerance with self-healing capabilities, and takes less then 40 minutes to rebuild a 1TB disk.

“Exanodes VM Edition is a great value for growing environments that are new to server virtualization, or looking to realize the full benefits of a virtualized environment,” said Frank Gana, Seanodes business development director. “We’ve been aware that Seanodes customers have already chosen Exanodes in other virtual infrastructures, both in the SMB space and in the hosted or cloud computing space, so we were eager to test and prove the Shared Internal Storage model with VMware, the undisputed market leader.”