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Scratch My Back

Your friendly, fuzzy, foul-smelling columnist from the Big Apple is back! Much has happened since my unbelievably successful debut column (see Dear Byte and Switch...).

For one thing, EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) launched its mega-hyped Symmetrix DMX box. Yeah, the numbers on this baby look impressive and what not. But seriously, I won't be blown away unless it can sell this thing to customers that aren't among the EMC faithful (see EMC's DMX a Slow Starter?, Bandwidth Brawl, and Byte and Switch's interview with Joseph Tucci, President and CEO, EMC).

Remember to send me email at [email protected]. I promise to write back to anyone who sends me quality material and that's pretty remarkable for a friggin' beaver, dontcha think? Anyway, let's get to the As to your Qs.

Dear Bob the Beaver,

What exactly is Joe Tucci doing over there?! There is a tidal roar of stillness at EMC, a pause that is ending just before it begins, every gear in the universe suddenly reversing with a clang... Is he ever going to make this goddamn acquisition or what!!? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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