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Scary Storage Factoids

What makes IT surveys so compelling? For one thing, we all want to know what people are thinking. There's safety in numbers: If everyone's on board, a trend must be worth following -- right?

Surveys can also be troubling, revealing dangerous or dire developments and habits that need changing. And when it comes to storage networking, recent surveys have turned up a few revelations of this ilk.

Sure, some of these results come from surveys commissioned by vendors. Still, that doesn't make them inaccurate, especially if there's a third party in control. At the very least, the bad news contained in these polls is a sort of heads up, a reminder of something that may be a problem, or a problem in the making.

In the spirit of the season, then, we offer you the following set of "Scary Storage Factoids," culled from various surveys of the IT scene.

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