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ScaleMP Partners With IBM

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- ScaleMP, the leader in virtualization solutions for high-end computing, today announced that vSMP Foundation Standalone, its patent-pending virtualization software, is now available for the IBM BladeCenter® HS21 XM blade server. In conjunction with IBM BladeCenter H, ScaleMP enables the aggregation of up to 14 dual-processor blades within an integrated chassis to create a single virtual symmetric multiprocessor (SMP). Customers are now able to aggregate up to 112 Intel® Xeon® processing cores and up to 448 GB of shared memory, benefiting from one of the densest high-end x86 systems available on the market today.

“I am pleased to announce the support of vSMP Foundation Standalone for the IBM BladeCenter system, proving once more our solution’s flexibility and further enhancing its value to High Performance Computing (HPC) customers,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and CEO of ScaleMP. “vSMP Foundation Standalone enables the creation of a cost-effective, high-performance system that is ideally suited for scalable environments across many industry segments such as financial services, manufacturing, life sciences and energy. Our solution reduces the operational cost and complexity normally associated with traditional cluster and grid deployments. By reducing the number of managed nodes while taking advantage of enhanced performance and a much larger memory footprint, customers are now able to run large memory jobs, as well as significantly reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO).”

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