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SAP Calls On Community Feedback

SAP AG launched the Enterprise Services Community Tuesday looking for input from customers, systems integrators and developers.

The community meant to increase interoperability for SAP products and services will focus on building better composite applications for its NetWeaver platform. That means fine-tuned business processes and closer collaboration to drive new ideas and cross-industry technology projects.

As SAP's defines and builds composite applications, the enterprise software maker will look toward the Enterprise Services Community for feedback, said Zia Yusuf, SAP's executive vice president of Platform Ecosystem. "Members will form groups to define business processes and applications sets," he said. "They can either advise SAP on what they are building or propose new services."

Definition groups will focus on business or technical challenges and follow a standard framework to propose new services or review services from SAP. Enterprise Services Community advisory groups provide feedback on the community, its operation and best practices around SAP's enterprise services architecture platform. The groups dissolve after proposal or findings are submitted.

SAP also believes collaboration through the Enterprise Services Community will drive down development times and protect intellectual property (IP) by providing a formal framework for companies to follow. It also increases visibility into enterprise services already created, provides insight when new services are available, and gives companies early access to information for building composite applications for specific functions and processes.

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