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Sansa e200

SanDisk suggests that its new e200 series of MP3 players are Apple iPod Nano killers. It's a bold claim. But these players largely succeed at providing more features for less money than the Nano (to which it bears a more-than-coincidental physical resemblance).

SanDisk became the second-leading seller of flash-based MP3 players by developing inexpensive, if somewhat clumsy and incomplete, devices. With the release of the e200 series -- I reviewed the 4GB e260 with 4GB of storage -- SanDisk is now also is competing on the basis of features and design elegance.

For about twenty bucks less that the iPod nano with the equivalent amount of memory, this look-alike includes an FM radio, a microSD expansion card slot and a handful of other advantages. And, yes, it's sexy, although not as sexy as the Nano.

Inevitable Comparisons

Sex sells. And since SanDisk clearly made the e200 look like the nano on purpose, let's start there. With dimensions of 3.5 inches by 1.74 inches by .56 inches, the e200 is a hair shorter and wider than the nano, but is roughly twice as thick. Like nano, it has a metal backing. Unlike the nano, it has a larger 1.8-inch color display. Given those similarities, the two devices look quite similar -- from a distance.

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