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SANgate Gets New CEO

SANgate Systems has appointed a new chief executive officer (see SANgate Names Chairman/CEO), less than one month after the last one was forced out of the company by litigation from EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC).

Patrick Courtin started his job this week at SANgate, which is making a high-end SAN appliance for multivendor storage environments. He steps into the post vacated suddenly by Doron Kempel.

Kempel, a former EMC employee hired by SANgate's board in September (see SANgate Snags Top EMC Exec), was judged by a Boston County court in November to be in violation of non-compete clauses in his EMC contract (see EMC Forces Out SANgate CEO). He left the job last month and won't be able to work for SANgate in any capacity until August 2002.

The suit was the latest of an unspecified number of noncompete actions EMC has taken against employees who've left to join startups (see EMC Sues Another Ex). In another case, EMC sued former employee Todd Gresham for moving to Eurologic Systems, where he has been barred from working as an employee.

EMC, which has been criticized for taking action against startups whose defense resources are limited, says it's only defending its rights.

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