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Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printer

Originally Published On Personal Tech Pipeline

Despite the Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printer’s low price, it’s not just another cheap-looking clunky plastic box.

You can print straight from a camera’s memory card, so printing can be very easy. With the built-in, two-inch color TFT-LCD you can select, edit, and delete photos from any number of sources including Flash type I, II, Microdriver, SmartMedia, SecureDigital, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, and XD Cards. You can even use Bluetooth-enabled devices to connect to the printer, although the instructions assume you are not a novice at connecting Bluetooth devices.

What makes this printer different from your run-of-the-mill inkjet printer? The SPP-2040, as well as its sans-LCD kid brother, the SPP-2020, uses a thermal dye-sublimation process to print pictures. Thermal dye-sublimation printers use ribbons containing dye, special Samsung SPP-2040 Digital Photo Printerdye-receptive paper, and heat to transfer color to paper. Paper and ribbon pass simultaneously under a print head containing heating elements that produce differing amounts of heat. The hotter the element, the more dye is released. Different shades of colors are overlaid onto each other to create saturated color without pixels. Finished pictures emerge dry and have a water and fade resistant finish that protects photos from fingerprints and smudging.

The device has a very small footprint, but you’ll need a bit of space around it when you print. The tabbed, 4x6 print paper travels back and forth through the device a few times, and you’ll need a little room for the paper cartridge, room for cables, and access to the ribbon cartridge.

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