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Safend Rounds Out Data Protection Suite With Safend Inspector And Discoverer

December 1, 2009  Philadelphia, Tel Aviv, and Luxembourg  Safend, a leading provider of endpoint data protection solutions, today announced the availability of Safend Inspector, a content inspection and filtering solution for email, instant messenger, external storage and printers, as well as Safend Discoverer a tool that allows security administrators to locate sensitive data, primarily at rest, stored on all endpoints. The addition of these two solutions complete the Safend Data Protection Suite by providing a total solution that delivers complete visibility, control and protection of enterprise endpoints through the precise control of physical ports and devices with Safend Protector; hard disk encryption with Safend Encryptor; and now sensitive outbound data with Safend Inspector.

Safend Inspector enforces a data-centric security policy across multiple channels, including email, web (HTTP, HTTPS), FTP, external storage devices, CD/DVD burners, PDA devices, file repositories, print screen, local printers and network printers, without disrupting legitimate business processes or harming end user productivity. The addition of this solution provides the security administrator the ability to generate an alert and/or monitor the users taking action based on the content the user is trying to transfer, as well as the action context and meta data.

Safend Discoverer helps indentify gaps in data protection and compliance initiatives, and provides insight into what policies should be implemented using other components of the Safend Data Protection Suite. This tool provides multiple data identification techniques which can be used individually or in combination to create actual data classifications.

"The addition of Safend Inspector and Safend Discoverer in combination with the other Safend Data Protection Suite solutions, provide seamless, end-to-end data protection for the enterprise," said Gil Sever, CEO, Safend. "Safend now provides a comprehensive solution for all the organization's data protection needs, with a single endpoint agent. This is the only product on the market to provide this level of protection."

Pricing and Availability
Safend Inspector and Discoverer are available for ordering now as part of the Safend Data Protection Suite Price. Purchased individually, Inspector will cost $42 to $102 per seat based on volume.