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Rollout: Verizon E-VPLS Service

The Upshot

Verizon Business' E-VPLS service offers large enterprises a point-to-multipoint Ethernet service anywhere in the continental United States, taking the customer from LAN to MAN to WAN all with Ethernet access. Verizon aims to make it easy for customers to connect their sites. The company says the service is also less expensive than leased lines.
The E-VPLS service is the natural evolution of the metro-area-network products that Verizon and other telecommunications providers sell. E-VPLS will let customers connect multiple sites at speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Verizon is the first Tier 1 provider to offer E-VPLS, but competitors are likely to follow quickly.
Verizon's E-VPLS service offers customers less expensive and simpler interconnects among corporate locations. With simple Layer 2 Ethernet-based access, customers can choose between installing a router or using a switch between locations. Verizon has beat the other Tier 1 providers to market, but several of the smaller regional telecom companies have rolled out similar services.

Verizon Business' E-VPLS

Connecting remote sites is such a painful process most network engineers would rather undergo a root canal than hook up distant offices. Configuring bandwidth, setting QoS levels, and ensuring security can be time consuming and expensive as you parse various carrier options and haggle over SLAs.

Enter Verizon Business' Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (E-VPLS). Targeted at the Fortune 100, it lets customers get Layer 2, point-to-multipoint Ethernet connectivity throughout the lower 48 states. Expansion to the rest of North America is on the drawing board.

With an Ethernet service, customers can use existing switches or routers to connect sites, and avoid the teeth-pulling that usually accompanies running some protocols over conventional leased lines. Verizon also claims the service is less expensive than the leased-line option.

Ethernet Across America

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