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Rollout: Shunra Virtual Enterprise

The Upshot

Shunra aims to take the guesswork out of predicting application performance on the WAN. Its Virtual Enterprise 5.0 WAN simulator appliance lets companies see the impact of WAN conditions before rolling out apps. VE tools offer vital application performance reporting.
VE 5.0 network recordings provide real-world WAN characteristics. Other WAN simulators such as those from Opnet require you to export captured packets. Shunra takes WAN simulation to a new level with application reporting built into the appliance.
Shunra VE 5.0 is the first WAN simulator to capture and analyze packets and HTTP apps on the appliance, which simplifies testing WAN app performance. That said, the limits of its packet capture mean we'll still hang on to capture and analysis tools such as NetQoS and Fluke's Integrated Network Assistant.

Shunra VE 5.0

Evolving a WAN architecture is tricky. You can model application behavior, make educated guesses about how a WAN will behave, and even predict the effect of changes to a WAN's connectivity and performance. But even educated guesswork from the most experienced networking gurus is a gamble. WAN changes often don't play out as expected.

Shunra Virtual Enterprise 5.0 lets you model a WAN, interconnect networks, then run traffic over the simulated WAN so that you can see the effects of WAN conditions before you make any expensive changes. The appliance is relatively easy to use and offers a number of useful features. If you're involved with product testing, quality assurance or capacity planning, Shunra VE can answer many questions before you deploy or update applications.

Application Performance Optimization Immersion Center


Unlike Opnet's Capacity Planning and Design products Shunra VE doesn't simulate a network, traffic patterns and apps. Instead, it lets you create a model, complete with impairments, then run real traffic that you've recorded through the sim and measure the results. Its modeling is as close as you can get to an experimental WAN.

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