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Review: Host Intrusion Prevention Products


If your firewall is penetrated, will attackers find additional protection layers to thwart? What about attacks that originate on the PC--say, from removable media, like USB or DVD? New attacks not previously seen in the wild are difficult to detect on the wire, leaving the host itself as the final line of defense.

HIPS technology helps IT proactively detect and defend against attacks that breach perimeter defenses, even if those attacks don't match a known signature. But though some big names are offering host intrusion prevention systems, the market and its underlying technology is still nascent.

The good news is many components of HIPS are not new, so vendors aren't starting from scratch. The bad news? A few elements are experiencing the growing pains as we go through the process of determining what's acceptable behavior on enterprise systems. We discuss these issues in "Probing Questions."

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