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Research: Energy Will Top IT Agenda

NEW YORK -- The 451 Group, a New York-based technology-industry analyst company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation, found that IT energy efficiency for financial, environmental and availability reasons – is heading toward the top of the corporate IT agenda and will remain there for many years. IT organizations will almost always favor reliability and cost over conformance to 'green metrics' or ill-defined green objectives. However, many organizations will adopt, or be forced to adopt, specific policies that mandate eco-efficient purchasing and management.

These findings are discussed in a new 451 Special Report about energy efficiency – of IT equipment, IT operations and, ultimately, of all organizations that use IT extensively.

Over the next one to five years, user organizations of all kinds will begin to aggressively tackle IT power use and, to a lesser extent, ensure sustainability of the products they use. Some of the main reasons include:

  • To ensure an adequate supply of energy to meet the continued demand for greater computing resources
  • To reduce energy bills (energy use and prices are set to increase steeply)
  • To reduce carbon emissions for environmental, ethical and public relations reasons
  • To conform to new legislation (i.e., risk management)
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