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Replication Report Available

NEW YORK -- TheInfoPro (TIP), an independent research network and leading supplier of market intelligence for the Information Technology (IT) industry, today announced that, according to its newly published F1000 Storage Networking Report, Storage decision-makers think EMC, NetApp, IBM, and HDS are the vendors that have replication solutions that work best with server virtualization. EMC's SRDF was the #1 choice, receiving 21% of the mentions. In addition, among MSE Storage pros, NetApp, Compellent, EMC, and HDS have the best replication solutions that work best with server virtualization, according to TIP's newly published MSE End User Report -- with NetApp's SnapMirror, Compellent's StorageCenter, and EMC's SRDF each receiving just over 15% of the mentions. TIP's F1000 Storage Networking and MSE End User Reports are both part of its bi-annual Storage Study, which provides market data on technologies, industry opportunities, and trends within the storage market.

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"Within the F1000 and MSE organizations, consolidation and virtualization adoption are continuing to climb to the head of Storage professionals' list of top initiatives. They are considered to be key dynamics that are causing network storage growth, and are among the technologies that will have the greatest impact on storage architecture," said Robert Stevenson, TIP's Managing Director of Storage Research. "Because server virtualization will have such drastic effects on architecture, bringing about many new concerns, such as scalability, support matrices, and recovery integrity, many storage teams are over-provisioning the solution and are putting it primarily on Tier 1 products."

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