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Renaming the Internet

Back in our October 13th, 2005 edition of the Last Mile, we asked those twisted and disturbed individuals we affectionately call our readers (also known as "you") to offer up their most creative ideas for a new name for the Internet. That's right. The World Wide Web. Cyberspace. The thing you're on right now.

One or two submissions had to be chucked out (Hey, we try not to work too blue here). Alot of you seem to remember a Mister Al Gore claiming responsibility for creating the Internet (Poor Al). And some of you are just plain, well...wierd.

We did manage to select a winner. You can find the Internet's new name in our December 8th edition of Last Mile. For now, however -- enjoy all the submissions that were fit to print.

marvin duran renames the internet: that big whole in the workday.


Kay G Hopwood renames the internet: gorewishes



J. Hicks renames the internet: Dystopia


Debbie Ojala renames the internet:

  • Infoweb
  • Cybernet
  • The Hive
  • 1