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Register Away

I just couldn't let it sit.
You can now register as a customer of NWC Inc.
I'm going to tell you now - do NOT enter real credit card information. Make it up. We don't want real info in those fields.

You can enter as much other "real" info as you like. If you'd like to be able to interact with NWC Inc. as we move forward, you might want to consider using an e-mail address that you periodically check out, cause we'll be doing some neat things soon that will hopefully get you involved. But remember - you don't have to enter anything real and we won't sell or use the info in any other way if that's your choice. We're assuming if you put a real email in there that you want to be involved. So if you don't want to be involved, don't use a real e-mail address.
Thanks - and as always, your feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated!