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The Recline of Civilization

Speaking of people who don't know how to get away from the office, an adjustable workstation lets computer users work while sitting, standing, reclining or lying flat in bed.

Office Organix's ErgoQuest 500 includes motorized legs that can raise and lower the work table--including 400 pounds of equipment--from 31 to 50 degrees. A monitor platform, which supports up to 150 pounds, can tilt from zero to 50 degrees, allowing the user to be supine and still see the monitor.

The ErgoQuest is for those who spend many hours at a computer--programmers, CAD workers, graphic designers and sleep-deprived technology journalists--and might benefit from a change of position (or power nap). Toss in a minifridge, microwave and ergonomic bedpan and you never have to leave the office again. --Andrew Conry-Murray, [email protected]