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Reboot the Data Center

Some days you just know things aren't going to go your way...
Like when you get to the lab and the UPS is screaming at you. Every five seconds, two short, ear-piercing high-frequency beeps. Annoying as hell.

So you try to figure out what's wrong and realize you don't know a thing about UPS', but hey - you'll play with the little buttons anyway. And then ... you reboot the entire 'data center'.

It's very quiet in the lab when NWC Inc. is shut down.

You turn power back on and let things start booting up. Then you spend the next 10 minutes freaking out because you realize there is a username and password on the KVM and that you don't know what they are. You try to call the editor that set it up, but he's off the grid and you realize he's not going to get back to you any time soon.

You've got less than one hour before Oracle shows up for an on-site installation for a review and you can't get at the machines for the test.

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