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Rebit Intros Backup Solutions

LONGMONT, Colo. -- Rebit Inc., a company dedicated to relieving the burden of backup for PC users, today announced availability of the first and only backup solution for Windows that requires nothing more than plugging it in. Rebit brings unprecedented simplicity to backup, saving precious time every single day.

Providing “Ridiculously Simple Backup™” for Windows XP and Vista, the Rebit appliance plugs into a computer’s USB port for complete and continuous backup of not only data, but applications and the entire operating system. Recovering any file or folder is equally simple – just use Windows Explorer “drag and drop.” If a PC disk crashes, Rebit painlessly recovers everything on to a replacement disk. There is no need to re-download, reinstall, or re-register applications, and because of its NeverFull™ feature, Rebit never fills up, always delivering reliable backup.

Behind Rebit’s launch is a seasoned team of industry leaders, including chief executive officer Lew Frauenfelder, who has more than 30 years of experience in the storage and technology industry, founding and leading successful companies including Intellistor, Inc., and Benchmark Storage Innovations, which was acquired by Quantum Corporation. Mr. Frauenfelder was president and CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of America and Datasonix Corporation, and he led Quantum Corporation’s Storage Devices unit. Joining Mr. Frauenfelder is Bob Beckemeyer, chief financial officer, Charlene Murphy, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Dave Perry, vice president of business development, and a hand-picked employee team of industry veterans.

“More than half of PC users do not back up because the process is too arduous, a hassle to learn, and takes time on a daily basis,” commented Mr. Frauenfelder. “These users clearly need a revolutionary solution. The Rebit device is that solution. Users can now have a ridiculously simple means of backing up and never again go through the anguish of losing files, or for that matter, the entire contents of their hard drives. I am certain that I have the right team to promote the Rebit product to the user community.”

Rebit Inc.