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Reality IT Cast of Characters

Here are the folks we have introduced you to in the Reality IT column, names changed to protect the innocent (or guilty in some cases). The names and titles are so you can follow along at home with the postings. These are just some of the folks at ACME, more names will be explained as they are used.
Allied Conglomerated Media Enterprises (a.k.a. ACME)

Key Staff (characters)
IT Director ??? Hunter Metatek (me)
CIO ??? Steve Fox
CEO ??? Alex McTaggart
CFO ??? Xavier Beane
VP of Marketing ??? Chuck Slick
Business Manager ??? Richard Mooney
HR Manager ??? Kathleen Van Peoples
Datacenter Manager ??? Marvin Mips
Network Manager ??? Dirk Packet
Telecomm Manager ??? Sandra Hook
Finance Systems Manager ??? Josh Benson
Software Development Manager ??? Ralph Case
IT Security Manager ??? Buckey Rogers
IT Security Specialist - John Garda
Network Engineer ??? Eugene Wright
Software Developer ??? Dave Fried
System Admin ??? Hugh Nix
Helpdesk Specialist ??? Ted Tickets
Programmer ??? Matt Gigo
Database Admin ??? Tara Byte
Computer Operator ??? Hal Dasdy
Computer Operator ??? Mac Sinclair
Project Manager ??? Judy Gant