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RBS Rolls Out SiteShelter

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Remote Backup Systems Inc. (RBS), the originator of remote online backup technology, today expanded its portfolio of online backup solutions with the introduction of SiteShelter, an automated, scheduled utility that backs up, mirrors, monitors, and even repairs web and FTP sites.

RBS’ SiteShelter is an essential tool for any web site operators, offering a comprehensive bundle of web site utilities, including backup, security and hacker prevention, and is the perfect solution for web site developers who want to provide an online backup service for their clients' web sites, or for RBS service providers looking to generate additional income by backing up web sites.

SiteShelter can back up web sites and FTP sites hosted on Windows, Unix and Linux servers, as well as most other popular Operating Systems. The software automatically detects the type of server it is backing up and can back up an unlimited number of web sites or FTP sites concurrently, making it ideal for high-volume backups of multiple sites. To preserve bandwidth during peak hours, SiteShelter can be programmed to launch automatically during low-traffic times. SiteShelter uses the FTP server associated with a web site to back up the site and all support files. Once the first backup has been completed, SiteShelter saves bandwidth by performing incremental back ups of only changed files or files that have been created since the previous backup. If the site has been damaged or hacked and files need to be recovered, the web administrator can use any standard FTP client software to upload and restore files that have been backed up with SiteShelter.

“Web developers have just as much risk as offline storage users but often face more aggressive online threats,” said Rob Cosgrove, Chief Executive Officer at RBS. “SiteShelter is a one-stop comprehensive solution that protects web site data with a simple, secure and automated process that enables web developers to focus on site optimization and not worry about the security of their data files.”

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