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Rapid7 Intros NeXpose 4.5

BOSTON -- With the latest release of its award-winning vulnerability management solution, Rapid7 introduces the NeXpose Enterprise Edition, which offers comprehensive, enterprise-level scanning and data storage via support for Oracle environments, dramatically increasing performance and reliability. NeXpose 4.5 allows organizations to leverage the advantages of their Oracle infrastructure, such as the enterprise database, server clustering, and functionality.

By employing Oracle, the NeXpose 4.5 Enterprise Edition enables storage of large amounts of vulnerability data in a standardized format that is easily accessible for reporting. NeXpose 4.5 ensures that data becomes part of the overall infrastructure, making it highly secure. The system also facilitates cluster back-ups by database while still online. NeXpose utilizes both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

"With version 4.5, NeXpose is a fully enterprise-ready product that allows organizations to leverage their investment in their Oracle infrastructure," states Alan Matthews, president of Rapid7 LLC. "NeXpose 4.5 allows customers to take advantage of their Oracle server cluster to utilize greater quantities of enterprise network data and ensure that data is secure, backed up and accessible."

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