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Quick Takes: Google Mini

Google Mini
Two more search appliances for the enterprise are on the way from the Googleplex. A year after the launch of its first Mini, the company is increasing system capacity with the new devices: One system can search up to 200,000 internal documents, while the second searches up to 300,000 devices. The Google Mini works with more than 220 different file formats, and the company says it can be set up in less than an hour and requires minimal ongoing administration. Starts at $5,995 for searching up to 200,000 documents. Google, (650) 253-0000.

Cyber-Ark Software Password Vault
Cyber-Ark has enhanced its Enterprise Password Vault for securing, sharing and managing admin passwords. Password Vault now provides a mechanism whereby all privileged users' passwords can be securely archived, transferred, shared and managed by authorized users. It creates a centralized credential management infrastructure to secure administrative and service account passwords. The Central Password Manager module lets organizations change passwords automatically on remote machines and store the new passwords in the Vault. The added capability to manage service accounts lets the software remove hard-coded passwords from all scripts and code, encrypt stored passwords and control access to credentials by application or support staff. Starts at $20,000. Cyber-Ark Software, (781) 251-0670.

Sypherlink Exploratory Warehouse
Here's a tool to help you on the road to your data warehouse. Exploratory Warehouse helps organizations rapidly prototype their federated data warehouses and deliver business value during the implementation process. While you're implementing it, users can create ad hoc reports and make immediate decisions based on the data. The company says the platform-agnostic software can be easily integrated with third-party data-management tools and data-integration applications. The software requires Syperhlink's Harvester metadata discovery and mapping component. $75,000 for unlimited domain views. Sypherlink, (614) 652-6100.

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