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Quick Takes

Redline Networks E|X 3250

Are security concerns keeping you from buying a Web application accelerator? Check out Redline Networks' E|X 3250 Enterprise Web I/O accelerator, which the company claims is the first Layer 7 data-center appliance to enable SSL security. The accelerator can be configured to rewrite all HTTP content to HTTPS automatically, taking advantage of an Internet browser's SSL capability while speeding user access to Web applications. Redline says its proprietary software lets the product minimize bandwidth usage via data optimization, filtering and compression. $29,995.

Redline Networks, (877) 550-6420, (408) 369-3800.

Reliable Software Code Co-op 4.0

Reliable Software announced version 4.0 of its Code Co-op collaboration software for sharing work over a LAN or e-mail system. The software's check-in and checkout capabilities update all member files, maintaining current versions of both binary and text-shared files. Additionally, a synchronization script lets updates open files. Team members can create a branch of a project and use the visual-differ function to compare versions. Co-op 4.0 also includes undo and redo as well as search and replace capabilities. The collaboration dispatcher offers mobile computing support, allowing for easy switching between LAN and e-mail collaboration. Code Co-op works with Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual SlickEdit as well. $159 per workstation.

Reliable Software, (206) 361-6679.

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