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Quellan Announces Gore

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Quellan Incorporated, a leader in Analog Signal Processing and RF Noise Cancellation low power ICs, today announced a Strategic Alliance with W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore), a global leader in electronic signal transmission. Under the terms of the agreement, the Companies will collaborate on high performance data center interconnects that reduce power, extend reach and increase speed. Gore has also made an equity investment in Quellan.

With the ever increasing bandwidth needs, speed, and size of today's Mega Data Centers, cabling is becoming a significant obstacle to cooling and lower power consumption. By integrating Quellan's Q:ACTIVE semiconductors with Gore's advanced cabling, Gore's new "Active Cables" will deliver dramatically lighter, thinner and further reaching cabling to Data Centers.

"Cable weight and compute density have become exponentially critical in next generation Data Centers," said Joel Goergen, Chief Scientist at Force10 Networks. "Power consumption is a paramount issue and the industry is devoid of low energy, small form factor solutions for this escalating problem - 'active' cabling is an innovative answer to this massive problem."

Quellan Inc.