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Quad Quad: Movidis Unveils 'Revolution' Server With 16-Core CPU, Integrated Security

Server vendor Movidis is moving away from traditional server components in an attempt to provide improved performance and security for transaction-based applications.

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Movidis, a five-year-old company that previously specialized in video-on-demand servers, is eschewing popular x86 server processors in favor of a multicore, MIPS-based CPU previously used primarily for network appliances. The 16-core, 64-bit processor is low-power and has an integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller and encryption, said Movidis CEO Ken Goldsholl.

Movidis showed off the server, dubbed Revolution, this week at LinuxWorld in San Francisco.

With the integrated capabilities, Revolution can move data in and out of the network quickly, as well as speed through encryption and decryption tasks, according to Goldsholl. "We needed to use a different processor -- one that is fast, with integrated silicon for accelerating the common compute-intensive functions in most server applications," he said.

The on-die networking also means that the PCI-X slots can be used exclusively by storage, Goldsholl said. The system can support up to four drives in a 1U format and eight drives -- or a maximum of 6 Tbytes -- in a 2U format. "We will have a version that supports 12 drives in a 2U server by next year," Goldsholl said.

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