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A Puzzle From IBM

2:00 PM -- Remember when we played LPs backwards to catch the cultic verses? IBM does, judging by its announcement of its Global Movement Management Initiative today. All that's missing is a way to decipher the vendor's intentions.

No, Big Blue hasn't entered into competition with Metamucil. Instead, it's releasing something called "a new strategic initiative designed to help move key resources -- people, goods, money, information and conveyances (or the means of transportation) around the globe with greater security and resilience."

That's got a nice ring to it. Is IBM going in for container shipments? Let's read on for more clues:

    Called Global Movement Management, the initiative addresses the technical and political challenges that historically have hampered efforts to improve security in the global system.

Okay. So we're talking security, right? Not so fast. Apparently, that's part of it, but so are trade lanes, analytical tools, and the public sector:

    The GMM white paper puts forth a vision for a distributed governance system worldwide and an open-source system architecture, both of which can serve as practical tools to assess and overcome existing challenges... IBM also recently unveiled a new diagnostic tool to help governments detect flaws and create viable border-protection plans.

That bit about border protection resonates with the earlier reference to political challenges. What exactly are we talking about here? I'm stumped. If you can make sense of this, let me know. In the meantime, I'll stick with TotalStorage.

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